2. tulletulle:

    My interview with Lorde/Ella went up yesterday (complete with me saying Tumblr gives me mad anxiety, heh). She was so generous in her time and her answers and it’s one of my very favorites I’ve conducted. (Photo by Petra)

  3. patternbase:

    Step and Repeat

    Magazine: W December/January 2013/2014
    Photographer: Michael Thompson


    (Source: bodyfluids)

  4. Happy New Year!✌️ (at Bushwick)


  5. dyerandjenkins:

    Hell's Angels

    Hunter S. Thompson on How The Hell’s Angels Break in Denim.

    Every Angel recruit comes to his initiation wearing a new pair of Levi’s and a matching jacket with the sleeves cut off and a spotless emblem on the back. The ceremony varies from one chapter to another but the main feature is…

  6. One more! 🎈 #inspiredtowearminetomorrow (at francesmay.com)

  7. foudre:

    Styling and making-up Victoria @ Marilyn with Jackie Luo. Carleen coat.

    Love this shot of the Red Coat! Thanks Kate!

  8. Self portrait on the subway ( aka regram @agvstin @francesmayshop ) (at Frances May)

  9. Web shop is live!

  11. aubreylstallard:

    Gianni Pettena

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  12. laser-with-a-z:

    Dakota, 2010

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